image_titel_green_hf αα Screen Founde
Ingredients are gentle on your skin.Allows the skin to breath, for a light, natural finish

Product Details

  1. Base ingredient is MOD with over 95% air permeability.
  2. Elegance color quality with inorganicity pigments.
  3. Soft and shiny keeping skin moisture.
  4. Reflect from ultra violet and protect skin from photo aging.
  5. Can create your favorite color.


Shake well before using. Mix desired amounts on your palm of hand, then apply to face by patting on gently. Convenient to use and can be carried easily.
※ As for eye line, mouth and nose, use fingertip gently.
※ It’s convenient to use if you prepare foundation that mixed some colors with your TPO.
Price of commodity
αα Screen Founde Natural II 35g $69.30
αα Screen Founde Beige 35g $69.30
αα Screen Founde Pink 35g $69.30
αα Screen Founde nimi Natural II 10g $24.30
αα Screen Founde mini Beige 10g $24.30
αα Screen Founde mini Pink 10g $24.30