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Product Quality | If it is an aging caring and a trouble skin, it is natural sect Clair. | Clair Cosmetics
Product Quality

Safe To Use

Our products do not use mineral oils or artificial colorants and fragrances. They only use ingredients that proven safe to use over many years.

image_titel_greenEffective Rquires Only Small Quantities for Effect

Using too much cosmetic product can result in lingering traces that can have wrinkly and clinging after affects that damage the skin? Our products are designed to be effective when applied in small quantities that enhance the skin’s natural function and beauty.

Cosmetics for All Seasons And Skin Types

Our products have been developed to be gentle and safe to use on all skin types and in all seasons. We strive to deliver skin care products that enhance the skin’s natural moisturizing and protective functions.

Ageless, Sexless And Flexible

The skin should not be treated as a fashion accessory. Our products try to ensure that our skin maintains its natural function, regardless of age or gender. You should also not have to use different products depending on the time of day. The basic function of your skin remains the same, regardless of the time.

No Need Massage

We recommend that our products be applied using a patting action. This reduces the stress on the skin while stimulating blood circulation and enhancing the skin’s elasticity. Using a rubbing action to massage product into the skin applies unnecessary friction and can cause damage to the surface of the skin. In addition, massaging actions should also be avoided since the skin surface is delicate and vulnerable to friction and rubbing motions.

Respects The Skin Physilogy And Its Natural Healinh Prpperties

Our skin, like other organs of the body, has several physiological functions. If the maintenance of the body’s internal environment, protective or excretory functions are impeded, this puts stress on the natural functioning of healthy skin. Clair products are designed to be gentle and work in close harmony with the skin to enhance its natural function and beauty.

A Harnobious Blend of Eastern And Western Medical Approaches

We have incorporated two philosophies to designing products that are designed to support the skin’s natural functions. These are the demand for immediate results that is seen in Western medicine, but we also utilize the long history as safe and effective measures seen in traditional Oriental medicines. By combining these two concepts in a harmonious way, we have been able to develop products that support the skin’s natural functions.