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Product Development | If it is an aging caring and a trouble skin, it is natural sect Clair. | Clair Cosmetics
Product Development

In–house Manufacturing For Qualty Control

Based on the theme of “harmony between skin and nature”, we have always sought to develop products based on the latest skin science and cosmetic medicine research that sets us apart from other companies. Clair products are all produced at our specialized facilities and receive the attention to detail that is a hallmark of Japanese manufacturing. In addition, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and the proactive introduction of the latest technology sees our highly experienced managers and manufacturing staff produce safe, reliable and natural cosmetics, all developed in the clinical environment of our production facilities.

Detailed Analysis Of Cosmetic Ingredients

As developments in biotechnology and other techniques move forward at an ever increasing pace, the ingredients used in some cosmetics are becoming ever more complicated and diverse. In these circumstances it is increasingly important that responsible manufacturers ensure the safety of their products. At Clair, we analyze a wide range of materials, using gas chromatography and other advanced techniques to ensure the quality and accuracy of our research.

Development Of Products Sensitive To Skin Science

Clair has always sought natural ingredients from traditional medicines, plant extracts and vitamins that could be used as fragrances or colorants to reduce allergic reactions and to offer mild products that utilize the power of nature in harmony with science.Beginning with Dr Daigo, our research team has always worked from a basis of skin science in doing its analyses, and works to develop products that meets consumers’ needs.