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Corporate Profile | If it is an aging caring and a trouble skin, it is natural sect Clair. | Clair Cosmetics
Corporate Profile
Name Clair Co., Ltd.
Established September 1974
President Yoshiko Hasui
Head Office 2-13-7 Nakashinkai Higashi-Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Regional Offices Osaka, Tokyo, Okinawa, U.S.A., Australia
special contracted agnets network in Japn
Industry Sectors Manufacture and sale of cosmetics and related products, nutritional supplements, and health foods.
Corporate History
1915 Establishment of a cosmetics manufacturer under the trade name “West” in Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
1923 Transfer of operations to Osaka after the Great Kanto earthquake.
1935 Registration of “VELMAN Cosmetics” as a brand, in addition to West.
1974 Establishment of Clair Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd to concentrate on development of the Unmelan brand and development of new distribution channels.
Registration of the “Three Dimensions of Beauty” trade name as a beauty philosophy.
Development of “Silver UNMELAN” to counter the damage caused by most cosmetics
1976 Establishment of Shizenbi-Shoyaku K.K., and enhancement of our scientific, technical, and research capabilities.
Launch of “UUMELAN LIPOTHIO” supplement as a practical implementation of our concept of internal beauty.
1978 Construction of a manufacturing facility in Toyonaka-shi, Osaka.
Granted license for the commercial production of medicated products.
1979 Development of “Gold UNMELAN Series” to counter the allergies caused by reactions to foodstuffs.
1980 Corporate name changed to Clair Co., Ltd.
1981 Opening of AIGASHO Esthetician College as an Association Japonaise des Estheticiennes approved college.
1983 Development of “UNMELAN MEDY HERB, ROUGE PRENDRE” as a make-up product founded on the principle of maintaining skin health.
1984 10th anniversary of the company’s establishment, Clair Co., Ltd and SHIZENBI-SHOYAKU K.K. transfer to new corporate headquarters in Higashi-Osaka.
Expansion of our internal beauty range with the launch of Sea Bless and Cell Life supplements.
Development of αα UNMELAN Series to counter skin ageing and ultraviolet damage caused by reduction of the ozone layer.
1985 Development of FILLETTE series, a range of make-up products than can be easily blended.
1987 Establishment of UNMELAN Cosmetics as our US affiliate.
1989 Development of UNMELAN αα SCREEN FOUNDE to counter ultraviolet damage caused by reduction of the ozone layer.
1993 Launch of Honey Peel brand.
1994 Introduction of PHYSIO Electronic Beauty machine “Electro-Hand”, and launch of ATOPI NURSE series.
1997 Establishment of First Lady and Osaka branch office in Nishi-ku, Osaka.
1998 Launch of PROPOLIS brand.
1999 Events marking our 25th anniversary, and launch of the AIGASHO series of massage creams, fresheners, and lotions.
2000 Launch of ORIGISOLE WHITE Lotion, ORIGISO AHA ESSENCE, HYAL POWDER, and Super Slim brands.
2001 Required our cosmetic products to clearly label water sources and environmental factors of our ingredients.
Launch of ORIGISOLE -LE-Collag, and ORIGISOLE L-H brands.
2003 Events marking 30th anniversary of the company’s founding.
2004 Launch of HADAMIRAI Skin care series products (CACHER and LIP GLOW)
2007 Launch of Body conditioner, Hair treatment
Establishment of COCCA (Present name Clair Okinawa), Resort SPA management.
2008 Establishment of AIGASHO Okinawa Beauty college
Launch of CIELNYMPHE series
2012 Launch of YOMORIN (hair care products.