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Message | If it is an aging caring and a trouble skin, it is natural sect Clair. | Clair Cosmetics

I have always wanted to bring a natural radiance to women who suffer from skin problems.

It was with a strong desire to achieve this goal, as indicated by the name of the company, that I founded Clair based on a philosophy of developing products that enhance the skin’s natural beauty. This was at a time when most cosmetics seemed only interested in offering superficial beauty.

The skin is a part of nature. Cosmetics that are applied directly to, and interact with, the skin must be safe and free of harmful effects. To this end, we at Clair have developed products that do not use artificial or harsh additives. We also develop products that ease our client’s concerns about their skin, based on our philosophy of the Three Dimensions of Beauty to care for the heart, the body and the skin.

It is thanks to our loyal customers that we have enjoyed over 40 years of success. We appreciate this trust in our products and this shared experience with our customers has been an important factor in developing new products.