image_titel_green_hf Medy Herb Compact II
Make up foundation softly and helps to be soften skin with transparency

Product Details

  1. Coating natural pigments by oils and fats
  2. Inorganic pigment for superior color tone
  3. Protect photo aging and keep young skin.
  4. Moisturized skin by giving moisture.
  5. Giving moisture lead to soft skins for finishing.
  6. Helps Prevent chapping.


Apply lightly with a puff, especially to the “T-zone” area are which often loses make-up easily. Do not discard the cellophane inside the container as the powder may stick to the puff and harden or clot powder.
Price of commodity
Medy Herb Compact II Translucent   $46.80
Medy Herb Compact II Pretty pink   $46.80
Medy Herb Compact II Fair ocher   $46.80