image_titel_green_hf Unmelan Cleansing Cream
Wash off softly and keep moisture while keeping health skin.

Product Details


  1. Available for all skin types. Protect the skin by the benefit of natural plant extract.
  2. Water-soluble, making it easy to rinse off
  3. MOD (Palm of Oil Derivative) spreads the skin lightly making it easy to wash off makeup and dirt.
  4. Keep healthy skin by soothing effect.
  5. Suppresses inflammation and germs by the benefit of LICORICE ROOT DERIVATIES and keep healthy skin.


  1. Facial cream
  2. No stimulation to the skins. Wash off sebum dirt and make up quickly while floating, then keep moisture and prevent from skin trouble
  3. Wash off perfectly No need to rub and can wash off perfectly by the benefit of water-soluble cream. So need to worry about skin trouble.
  4. RETAING MOISTURE Beauty ingredients including plant extracts and others gives moisture to the skin and prevent from trouble skin. Being Moisturized skin without being dryness


Squeeze a small (cherry-size) quantity on your fingertips, then apply to five points on your face and gently spread the cream working from the center of your face outwards. Apply so that the cream still leaves a white trace, then rinse with cold or lukewarm water.
Price of commodity
Unmelan Cleansing Cream 115g $36.00