image_titel_green_hf Unmelan Acil Savon
For dry sensitive and trouble skin. Moistly wash up like hair rinse.

Product Details

  1. 6 kinds of plant extract prevents skin stimulations
  2. No skin taut by the benefit of amino acid activator.
  3. Prevent capillary permeability increasing (reduce ruddy face and inflammation)
  4. Inhibits inflammation and germs and keep healthy skin condition.


  1. Milky facial cream
  2. Soft and gentle facial cleansing lotion (like light snow powder)
  3. For special skin and sensitive skin.
  4. By the benefits of gromwell root, protect the skin from miscellaneous germs .Wash off bad symptoms such as irritation, swelling, purulent acne, pimples. Look like rinse using.


Place a small (beans size) quantity in the palm of your hand and mix with an appropriate amount of cold or warm water to form a light foam, then lightly apply the foam to wash your face. Rinse thoroughly with cold or warm water.
Price of commodity
Unmelan Acil Savon 60ml $30.60